Thematic Showcase

Each season, we showcase an internationally-celebrated authorship which has inspired creativity for children around the world. We are excited to announce an exclusive line-up for 2020 onwards...

Season 1 - Bruno Munari

We have the privilege of introducing to you Bruno Munari (1907 – 1998), legendary Italian designer, artist and inventor once described by Picasso as “the new Leonardo”, who had influenced generations of designers, artists and thinkers worldwide. He was also a prolific creator of children's books, learning tools and creativity workshops.



Bruno Munari Fantasia
Bruno Munari
Night Life of Tree

Season 2 - Tara Books

Tara Books, regarded by many as India’s and one of the world's finest publishers, the team creates exquisite visual titles for all ages. Founded in 1994 by a group of writers and designers committed to egalitarian principles, Tara Books are based in Chennai, India. Tara collaborates with unusual talents that reflect the richness of India. Their books are made/handmade using meticulous craftsmanship and artisan skills, praised by John Berger as “some of the most beautiful books in the world”.