• Date: 14 April 2019 OR 21 April 2019 sunday

    Time: A 11am – 12nn / B 11.30am - 12.30pm / C 12nn - 1pm

    Venue: Macau House of Childhood, Coloane

    Suitable age: 3 ~ 100 years


    This is the very first in our series of PlayLab developed in conjunction with our playbook Where Are You Going. This PlayLab pays tribute to the charming heritages of Macau, and PlayLab participants are taken on a journey of wonder and wander as they go on a DIY stickerscape adventure with Gato the cat and Galo the rooster.


    Now a resident programme at our new space located in the beautiful village of Coloane, this PlayLab will offer an even richer creative experience for participants eternally young~! Come play with us~~!


    * inclusive of the cost of one playbook Where Are You Going  and creativity materials 


    貓仔亞嘉度、雞仔亞嘉路一齊出發去冒險了! 佢地玩吓玩吓,來到了路環,細路仔要加入嗎?

    《去邊度?》 Where Are You Going? children’s playbook 英文版遊樂童書是澳門兒童館第一份面世的作品,亦是一系列 PlayLab 遊樂坊的出發點。StickerBook PlayLab 啟發小讀者以澳門生活、日常貼紙為素材,自主創作屬於自己的 stickerscape,成為創造性的閲讀體驗。

    經過一年多巡遊澳門、周遊列國,StickerBook PlayLab 將於兒童館路環基地定期舉行,加入路環在地特色,豐富了立體閱讀和遊樂元素,成為我們駐場活動之一!

    讓我們放手放心放開讓孩子自由去試、去玩、去表達。他們發現世界、發現自己的好奇心和創造力會超乎想像。Are you ready to play?

    StickerBook PlayLab at Coloane

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