Do you still remember

    when you were young? 


We all have been told to learn a lot of useful things throughout our childhood.

Honestly, our best memories were those outside of classrooms, schools, routines.

And it didn't mean that we were not learning then.


Happy learning comes from adventures, play, and the unexpected.

That wilderness in our lives.


Which let us grow freely into what we call creativity,

beyond what's useful,

beyond what's expected,

creating the best for our lives


Creativity is not a garnish on our plates.

It is the very grain of life.


We believe that creativity is a life skill, if you will.


Creativity gives our children the ability to strive, to tell their own stories

when the time comes for them and all paths seem treacherous.

It will help them find solutions,

by creating new possibilities,

instead of being limited to the given.


Which is why together we have a vision, for children.

And it is in Macau, the eternal town of enchantment, where we are starting...


our first House of Childhood.