Macau House of Childhood

Benny ~ Minister of Play

Benny, an award-winning, multi-discipline designer by trade, but most of all a maker / illustrator / artist / curator / educator, and learner with children. His creativity projects give expression to subtle nuances of nature and humanness, and never forget how to play. After retiring early from glamourous agency life, he started his own design firm to undertake and initiate inspirational projects which has since evolved into a practice of community and sustainability design,. Benny has a Master degree in Sustainable Design and teaches design thinking for universities.

Loretta ~ Fairy of Play

Loretta, who although is professionally trained in film, never quite found her way to the movie world. Instead, she has spent years experimenting an authentic approach in creating campaigns and projects which put people first. She has worked at senior levels in the Hong Kong government in charge of all those mega events, founded a value-driven agency to trailblaze cross-sector collaboration, and is now walking the globe to bring about emergent movements related to children. Loretta has a B. Soc. Sc (Hons) and an M. Phil, both of them in Communication (Film). She is also a published writer of children’s stories and film critic.